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Scrap Metal Recycling Hydraulic Shears

Introducing the REC line of Hydraulic (Alligator) Metal Shears; four rugged shears engineered with exceptional cut force to shear Metal Scraps, Steel, Iron, Copper, Cable and Rebar down to a size suitable for processing. Large, powerful jaws and fast cycle times, quickly cut through Beams, Scaffolding, Pipes, Auto Scraps and much more. Powered to perform with an Electric Motor (standard), options include Gas or Diesel Engines and our unique Dual Motor/Engine Combo that enables indoor and outdoor cutting versatility. Plug it in and use the quiet motor for indoor use or turn the key and run the engine for outside use in the yard or on the job site.

OUR LINEUP:  Ideal for Recycling Plants, Sorting Facilities, Scrap Yards & Demolition Companies
Series Blade Length Shear Height Cut Force HP / Motor Approx. Dimensions (inches)
MS-1210 12-1/2" 34" 110+ tons 10 HP, 220/440/3 Phase 54" L x 28-1/4" W x 50-1/2" H
MS-1610  16" 34" 110+ tons  10 HP, 220/440/3 Phase  60" L x 32-3/4" W x 45-1/4" H
MS-2510  25-1/4" 32-1/8" 110+ tons  10 HP, 220/440/3 Phase  72-1/2" L x 32-3/4" W x 45-1/4" H
MS-2515  25-1/4"  34" 183+ tons  15 HP, 220/440/3 Phase  97" L x 33" W x 70" H

1210 wContent

1610 GasElec Combo wContent 
2510 wContent 


All REC Hydraulic Shears feature:

  • Foot Pedal Blade Engagement... Quick one-off cutting or hold down the pedal for continuous cycle cutting
  • Premium, Heavy-duty Hydraulic Cylinder for exceptional jaw power to cut thick, bulky scraps with ease
  • Tool-free Adjustable Blade Gate clamps metals for easier, safer cutting
  • Power Versatility… Electric motor is standard. Options include Gas or Diesel Engines and our unique
  • Dual Motor/Engine Combo models for indoor or outside use

Crafted with pride in the U.S.A. with premium components, REC Hydraulic Metal Shears come with a lifetime guarantee on the main bearing assembly and a one-year parts warranty.

We reserve the right to modify these specifications without notice or liability to previously sold machines.