Put REC experience to work for you!

Our experienced sales force and system engineers would be delighted to discuss your corrugated collection and baling systems or other bulk scrap handling requirements. See below a small sample of some of our self designed and installed conveyors and balers.  Systems installed around the country for many leading chain store distribution centers.  Please contact us with your pending and future applications to receive a prompt response.

centralized_automaic_baler-1 hand_feed_conveyor_and_baler_with_cart_dumper-1
Centralized Automatic Baler

Hand Feed Conveyor and Baler with Cart Dumper

automated_baler_with_multiple_conveyor_feeds-1 cart_dumper_fed_auto-tie_baler-1
Automated Baler with multiple conveyor feeds Cart Dumper fed Auto-Tie Baler


Distribution Center Centralized Automated  Baling of Large DC





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