New and Used Paper and Document Security Shredders and Industrial Shredders For Sale with related Shredding Machines and Equipment. REC is a new Shredder Dealer with many models to choose from. Contact us for up to date information.

Make & Model Description Price
9584 Weima WL13 Shredder Weima WL13 9584 Weima WL 13 Single Shaft Rotary Gring System - Used Shredder. 75 HP Main motor. MORE INFO... $64,500.00
8713 6 Shred Tech ST50 Dual Shaft ShredderThumb Shred Tech ST50 8713 - USed Shred Tech Model ST50 Dual Shaft Shredder.  MORE INFO... Call for Price
8797 2 Destroyit 4107 Paper ShredderThumb Destroyit 4107 8797 - Used Destroyit Model 4107 Industrial 1/2" Strip Cut Paper Shredder.  MORE INFO... Call for Price
8866 1 Vecoplan RG70 200KT Industrial ShredderThumb Vecoplan RG70/200KT 8866 - Vecoplan RG70/200KT Industrial Shredder with HiTorc Drive and Discharge Conveyor.  MORE INFO... Call for Price
8373 2 BloApCo 5CAXS 2558BVAThumb BloApCo 5CAXS-2558BVA 8373 - BloApCo Blower Application Company Model 5CASX-2558BVA Top Feed Piggyback Shredder MORE INFO... $55,000.00
8516 AMS 150HD Thumb r Ameri-Shred AMS-150HD 8516 New Ameri-Shred Model AMS-150HD Hard Drive Shredder. MORE INFO... Call For Price
ams-300 Amerishred AMS 1500-4000 Our most popular selling Paper Shredders the AMS-1500, AMS-2000, AMS-2500, AMS-3000, and AMS-4000. MORE INFO... Call for Price
ams-300-used Ameri-shred AMS-1000

10HP, 208 Volt. MORE INFO...

Call for Price
AMS-150HD Ameri-shred AMS-150HD New Ameri-Shred Model AMS-150HD Hard Drive Shredder MORE INFO... Call for Price
hdshredder Ameri-shred Series 500 New Ameri-Shred 500 Series Hard Drive Shredder. MORE INFO... Call for Price
RG42 Vecoplan RG42/60XL New Vecoplan ReTech Rotary Waste Grinder Shredder RG42/60XL MORE INFO... Call for Quote
5387 Balemaster Shredder Thumb Balemaster 1350-62" Reconditioned Balemaster Model 1350-62" Piggyback Shredder MORE INFO.... Sold
1-AMS-PT2500 Thumb Ameri-shred     AMS-PT2500 Lightly Used Ameri-Shred Model AMS-PT2500 Dual Shaft Shredder.  MORE INFO... Call for Price
Thumbnail 2 Ameri-shred     AMS-15000 Fully Reconditioned Ameri-Shred Model AMS-15000 Heavy Duty Shredder.  MORE INFO... Call For Price
8493 5 HSM FA 490 Strip Cut ShredderThumb HSM FA490 8493 - USED HSM Model FA-490 Strip Cut Paper Shredder MORE INFO... S O L D
7395 Ameri-shred     AMS-6000 7395 Used Ameri-Shred Industrial Paper Shredder with Infeed and Take Away Conveyors.  More Info... SOLD
5565-8 Maren Model 40 5565 Used Maren Model 40 Piggyback Shredder with Conveyor and Closed End Baler.  MORE INFO... SOLD
B10150 Ameri-shred AMS 7500 Strip Cut Shredder, 75 HP, Shred width is 5/8”, 4 to 5 tph field average throughput SOLD
IMG_7538-001 Maren TF36 Pre-Owned Maren 36" Floor Sweep shredder with plenum. Knifes in good conditon. MORE INFO... SOLD
img_5497 Destroy-It 5009 New, Never Used Destroy-It 5009 Shredder. High Capacity. With Conveyor, still in crate. MORE INFO... Sold
5531R Carthage Machine Company 7434 Used Carthage Machine Company Shredder. 20" x 42" opening. MORE INFO... S O L D
mvi_5103-1 Weima ZMK40 Used 2007 Weima Shredder with twin 25 HP Motors. Great Condition. MORE INFO... SOLD
4976 Bloapco 3CA-3058 Used Blower Application Company - BloApCo Model 3CA-3058 Shredder for Sale. MORE INFO... SOLD
picture_013shredder Allegheny 20-300C Used Allegeny Paper Shredder For Sale. Model 20-300C, 20" wide extra long Infeed Conveyor, 15 Horsepower, wired for 460 Volt 3 Phase. MORE INFO...
3333-1 Maren TF30 Used Maren TF30 Shredder for Sale. MORE INFO... Call for Price
ams-500-used Ameri-shred AMS-500

Factory Certified Used Available for Immediate Delivery
5HP, 460 Volt. MORE INFO...

Call for price
ams-4000-used Ameri-shred AMS-4000 Remanufactured
40HP, 460 Volt. MORE INFO...
ams-7500-used Ameri-shred AMS-7500 Factory Remanufactured
75HP, 460 Volt. MORE INFO...
Call for Price
destroyit12345 DestroyIt 4104 Reconditioned 16" Conveyor Fed Shredder MORE INFO... SOLD
8818 9 Ameri Shred AMS 750CC Cross Cut ShredderThumb AMS-750CC 8818 - Used Ameri-Shred Corp. AMS-750CC Cross Cut Shredder with Take Away Conveyor.  MORE INFO... SOLD
8667 1 Ameri Shred AMS 7500 ShredderThumb Ameri-Shred AMS-7500 8667 - Used Ameri-Shred AMS-7500 Industrial Strip Cut Paper Shredder  MORE INFO... S O L D