REC stocks new and used Trash Compactors for sale. 2 yard to 4 yard Stationary Compactors, Self Contained Compactors and Vertical Compactors. Commonly known as recycling, trash, or garbage compactors.   Custom designs or modifications possible. Call or contact us for full list.  See our Compactor Layout Pictures under our System Gallery Tab.  Also, see our other related Equipment for sale or our rental program for the greater Philadelphia area.

Photo Manufacturer Description Price
Komar Komar EM BC3620 Side View Komar EM-BC3620 10001  Komar EM-BC3620 Auger Compactor For Sale. For Liquid removal and disposal of bevearge containers.  MORE INFO...


 8201-13PTRCompactor  PTR TP-1000  8201 PTR Model TP-1000   One Cu Yd Stationary Compactor  MORE INFO...  $1,500.00
7807 Wastequip         D-600 7807 Wastequip Model D-600 Vertical Compactor. MORE INFO... $7,900.00
img_3794 Philadelphia Tram Rail PTR TP4000HD-PC 8677 Low Hour used Philadelphia Tramrail TP4000HD-PC 4 Yard Pre-Crusher Compactor. Several available.  MORE INFO... Call
7725 Marathon           40 Cu. Yd Self Contained Compactor 7725 Marathon Ram Jet 40 Cubic Yard Self Contained Compactor. MORE INFO... $7,000.00
7720 McClain Stationary Compactor #7720 Used McClain 2 Cu Yd Stationary Compactor with Walk on Deck MORE INFO... $4,200.00
7412 Marathon Ram Jet Self Contained Compactor #7412 Used Marathon Ram Jet 20 Cu Yd Self Contained Compactor MORE INFO...



7047 PTR Baler and Compactor      TP-2000 #7047 Used PTR Baler and Compactor Model TP-2000 Stationary Compactor MORE INFO... $3,500.00
4145 PTR Baler and Compactor      TP-2000 #4145 Reconditioned PTR Baler and Compactor Model TP-2000 Stationary Compactor MORE INFO... $8,900.00
rec4341-2 Marathon Ram Jet RJ225 Used Marathon RamJet RJ225 2 Yard Stationary Compactor. MORE INFO... Several Available