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10 Bundles 14 Gauge x 14 Foot Long Galvanized Baling Wire Ties

10 Bundles (250 Wires per bundle) - 14 Gauge x 14 Foot Long Galvanized Single Loop Baling Wire Ties-Free Shipping

10 Bundles (250 wires ea) - 14 Gauge x 14 Foot Long Galvanized Bale Ties.  Also knows as Single Loop Baling Wire due to the factory made looped end on one side.   Commonly used to tie bales together on High Density Vertical Balers making a bale roughly 30 inches deep and 42-48 inches high.


Free Shipping in the Continental USA! (EXCEPT additional fees such as scheduled appointments, redelivery, limit access, high service zip codes, rural area zip codes, residential addresses and any other cost involved which will be billed later.)

*Wire Thickness-14 Gauge

*Wire length - 14 ft.

*Bundles contain 250 wires