Vertical Balers, or Downstroke Balers, are the most common baler for baling cardboard boxes, plastic, aluminum, and other recyclables.  These can be found in most retail stores and manufacturing plants.

Scroll through our partial listing of New, Used, and Reconditioned Vertical Balers, Bailers, and Downstroke Balers for sale. Sample machines - We typically have 75-150 Vertical Balers in stock at all times and move them too fast for updated internet listing. Contact us for application help, best pricing, or for delivery and installation quotes.

Photo Make/Model Description Price
BACEGroupPhoto 1 Many models to choose from

See REC's complete line of New Vertical Balers in a variety of bale sizes to fit your company's recycling needs. 

8855 5 PTR 1800 Vertical Downstroke BalerThumb PTR 1800 8855 - Used PTR Baler and Compactor Model 1800 Vertical Downstroke Baler. Makes 48" Wide Bales. MORE INFO... $Call
8280 3 PTR2300HD Vertical Downstroke BalerThumb PTR 2300HD 8280 - Used PTR Baler and Compactor Model 2300HD Vertical Downstroke Baler. Makes 60" bales.  MORE INFO... $Call
8813 3 AirBorn SD160 7in Cyl 20HP Vertical Downstroke BalerThumb AirBorn Industries SD160 8813 - Excellent Condition As-Is AirBorn Industries Model SD160 Vertical Downstroke Baler.  Makes Up To A 1400 lb Bale.  MORE INFO... Sold -other machines available - call
8750 1 Bramidan B4 Vertical Downstroke BalerThumb Bramidan B4 New Bramidan Model B4 Vertical Downstroke Baler MORE INFO... Due to market volatility - call for pricing 
8714 1 International Press Shear V607HD Vertical Downstroke BalerThumb International Press and Shear V-607-HD 8714 - Reconditioned International Press and Shear Model V-607-HD Vertical Downstroke Baler.  Makes up to a 1,200 lb bale (OCC)  MORE INFO... $Sold- other machines available - call
8740 2 Philadelphia Tramrail 360 Vertical Downstroke BalerThumb Philadelphia Tramrail 360 8740 Reconditioned PTR Baler and Compactor Model 360. Makes 36" bales.  MORE INFO... $Call
 X25 Thumbnail Bramidan X4830-X25

New Bramidan Model X4830 Vertical Baler replace the popular Model X25 Vertical Baler in the USA. MORE INFO...

Due to market volatility - call for pricing 
file_20-1 TSISSG TC-710

Compacts aluminum cans, plastic bottles and jugs, plastic cups, Styrofoam cups, dishes and trays, laminated plastic and shredded paper into 20" x 20" x 36" bales. MORE INFO...

Call for price
7133-2 PTR Baler and Compactor 3400HD



Pre-Owned, Used, or reconditioned PTR 3400HD Balers, 10 HP motor, 6" Bore Cylinder. Standard 60" Vertical Baler. Inventory changing constantly



Multiple machines available
img_5538 PTR Baler and Compactor 3600-HDLP

Used Rebuilt PTR 3600HDLP. 10HP, 6" Cylinder, Low Profile will fit under 8' ceiling.  MORE INFO...

Call for Price
5403 PTR Baler and Compactor 3400HD

Used Philadelphia Tramrail 3400HD Baler.  Produces a bale that is 60 x 30 x 48.

 Call - multiple machines available
Marathon 3630

Marathon 3630

Used Marathon 3630 Vertical baler for Sale, 5 HP Motor, As-Is Price. MORE INFO...

Call-other machines available - call

8497 1 Piqua 6030 7 in Cyl Vertical Downstroke BalerThumb Piqua 6030 7" Cylinder 8497 - Reconditioned Piqua Model 6030 7" Cylinder Vertical Downstroke Baler. MORE INFO... SOLD-other machines available - call
img_5489 Marathon V-2420

Used Marathon V-2420. Great for Small applications.  MORE INFO...

SOLD-other machines available - call
picture_002 TL Industries TVB 60S

Used TL Vertical Baler for sale, Serial Number 01008421, Bale size 60"wide x 30" deep x 48" high, Cylinder 6" bore, 10HP, 230/460volt, 3 phase, Reconditioned with rebuilt cylinder.  MORE INFO...

SOLD-other machines available - call
picture_100 Philadelphia Tramrail /PTR Baler Co Model 360

4662 Used Philadelphia Tramrail Model 360 Vertical Baler for sale, Bale size 36"wide x 24" deep x 30" high, Cylinder 3" bore, 3HP, 230/460volt, 3 phase, Sold "as-is".


Call - Multiple machines available
img_4278 Piqua

Used Piqua Vertical Downstroke Baler for sale. Unique front feed rear eject frame.


SOLD - Ask about our new machines
4358-8WaspAS-42  Wasp AS-42

 Wasp Model AS-42 Vertical Downstroke Baler, 42" Wide Bale.  MORE INFO...

img_4280 Galbreath Used Galbreath Vertical Downstroke Baler. Unique Rear feed front eject feature. MORE INFO... SOLD
3720-2 Selco Drum Crusher

Used Selco VDC-2HD Vertical Downstroke Baler for Sale. MORE INFO...

SOLD - Ask about our new machines
3781 Piqua Series 40

Typical Used Series 40 Vertical Downstroke Baler. Produces a Bale 60" x 40" x 48"  MORE INFO...

Call- Multiple machines available
7065-1 FOX 48

5 HP Baler, Makes a Bale 48x36x30, 4" Cylinder, Right hand Hinged


 SOLD -Ask about new machines
_5158---sold Marathon V-6030

Used Marathon Vertical Baler for sale, Bale size 60"wide x 30" deep x 48" high, Cylinder 6" bore, 10HP, 230/460volt, 3 phase, Reconditioned with rebuilt cylinder, full bale light, front load wire guides, Auto-eject.   MORE INFO...

Sold- Many similar machines available -call
8479 International Baler IVB606HD Vertical Downstroke Baler Thumb International Baler IVB-606HD 8479 - Reconditioned and Ready to Ship Internationl Baler Model IVB-606HD Vertical Downstroke Baler MORE INFO... SOLD - many similar machines available
7084-r Galbreath 2200

As-Is Pre-Owned Used Galbreath D2200-3060 Downstroke Vertical Baler  MORE INFO...

SOLD- many similar machines available
7143 Load King              HD-6030-B

Used Load King Model 1003910-HD-6030-B Vertical Baler.  Reconditioned and ready to ship.  MORE INFO...

SOLD- other machines available - call
9192C 2 Harmony M42 Downstroke BalerThumb Vertech M-42

Used Vertech GPI Harmony Vertical Baler Model M-42 for sale, Low Profile Vertical Downstroke Baler, makes bales 42" wide bales  MORE INFO...

Call for Price
B3 Thumbnail Bramidan B3

Brand New Vertical baler. Plugs into regular 110V Outlet.  Used for Cardboard or there is a version that is designed for Textiles.  MORE INFO...

$4995 and $5245
img_3491-1 photo3 Sample of our new and used Vertical Balers for sale, Many Balers in Stock. Many different sizes and voltages available.  Brands PTR, Philadelphia Tramrail, Marathon, Selco, Harris, Bramidan, Vertech, Cramalot, General Hydraulics, Maren, & more

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