New and Used Two Ram Balers For Sale

REC specializes in new and used 2 ram Balers. The industry standard for high volume, muti purpose recycling machines.  Contact us for Professional Sales application, layout, and installations. Reconditioned and as-is machines in stock. Our Parts and Baler Repair or Service Departments support most brands.  Inventory changing faster then website updates, call for latest in upcoming machines.

Learn about the current advances in technology and how new machines can frequently be bought and operated at lower costs, with higher production rates, than older models.  Price new and compare today!

Photo Make & Model Description Price
RamIINBTwoRamBaler American Baler Compact Two Ram Series New American Baler Narrow Box - Multi Material Balers. Multiple models, N 8" to 10" main cylinders. Made for automated, multi material production needs of municipal and industrial recyclers. MORE INFO....

Starting at $230,000

RamIIWBTwoRamBaler American Baler Wide Box Two Ram Balers New American Baler Company Wide Box 2 Ram Baler. Models, N520, N620, W721, W828.  MORE INFO.... Starting at $360,000
HarrisCenturionTwoRamBaler Harris Centurion Two Ram Baler New Harris HRB Centurion. Need the biggest, baddest 2 ram available? The severe duty high production multi-purpose Two Ram baler providing quality, efficiency, and reliability.  MORE INFO.... Starts under $700,000
Harris HRB918W Two Ram BalerThumb Harris     HRB-918W #8358 Used Harris Model HRB-918W Two Ram Baler.  MORE INFO...  $275,000
Harris Gorilla Screen Harris Gorilla Used Harris Gorilla Model 150S4-13/9- Priced for quick sale - MORE INFO...


9049 Nexgen TR 8 40 2 ram baler tier Nexgen/Marathon TR-8-40 9049 Nexgen -Marathon Model TR8-40 2 ram baler with Bale Door.  See more.. $Call
8572 2 Harris HRB 8 NF 100 Two Ram BalerThumb Harris HRB-8-NF-100 8572c Used Harris Model HRB-8-NF-100 Horizontal Two Ram Baler For Sale.  MORE INFO... Sold
2American Baler 1130 T50 Two Ram Baler Thumb American Baler 1130-T50 8590C American Baler Model 1130-T50 Horizontal Two Ram Baler MORE INFO... Sold
8325 12 Selco HRB516N BR BD Thumb Harris HRB-516N-BR-BD Two Ram Baler 8325 & 8326 Fully Reconditioned Harris Model 516N-BR-BD Two Ram Baler with Mayfran Conveyor.  MORE INFO... SOLD
American Baler 1028 T75 Thumb American Baler 1028-T75 Two Ram Baler and Conveyor Very Well Maintained 2012 American Baler 1028-T75 Two Ram Baler with 2012 Hustler 9" Pitch Steel Belt Conveyor MORE INFO... SOLD
7632TwoRamBaler Marathon         TR-10/100 7632 Used Marathon Model TR-10/100 2 Two Ram Baler. MORE INFO.... Sold
W828 American Baler Two Ram Baler Used 1028-150S 2 Ram Baler Available Now. American Baler Model 1028-150S 2 Two Ram Baler. MORE INFO.... Sold
 7179 Used Selco 2 ram Selco 2R1275 Two Ram Baler Used Pre Owned Selco 2R1275 2 Two Ram Baler with Conveyor, Fluffer, 12" Cylinder, 75 HP Motor, 331 US Wire Tier MORE INFO.....


 7734 4020RXB American Baler Two Ram Baler American RAM II 4020RXB-T50 Baler 7734 Used American Ram II Model 4020RXB-T50 2Two Ram Baler with Steel Belt Conveyor.  MORE INFO.... Sold
7366 Harris Badger Two Ram Baler Harris Badger 100S-2-11/8 7366 Used Harris Model Badger 100-2-11/8 Automatic 2 Two Ram Baler.  EXCELLENT CONDITION WITH LOW HOURS    46"x31"x61" Bale. Combo Door, Bale Run out Table, Elevated Platform.  MORE INFO.... SOLD
img_3467 Marathon TR12W-100 Used Marathon TR12 2 two Ram Baler still in operation. Built in 1996. MORE INFO.... SOLD
img_6054 IPS International Press and Shear 1270-100S 5993 Used IPS 2 Two Ram Baler with US Wire Tier. MORE INFO.... SOLD
4681---sold Excel Manufacturing 2R-62 Used Excel 2 Ram Baler For Sale, Bale size 60x48x30. 20HP, 460 Volt 3 Phase, Cylinders Main Ram twin 6" bore, Ejector 8" bore, LP / US Wire Tier Model 343 Tier. MORE INFO.... SOLD
gorilla-2 Harris 150-S-4-12/19 Used Harris Gorilla 150-S-4 12/19 Auto-Tie Two Ram Baler for Sale, 150 Horse Power, 12" Bore Main Cylinder, Large Feed Opening: 108" x 60 MORE INFO.... SOLD
Harris 59N Two Ram Baler Thumb Harris HRB-59N Two Ram Baler Harris Model 59N Two Ram Baler with Hustler Combo Belt Conveyor.  MORE INFO... SOLD
2010_0627craftever0032-1 Marathon TR- 1075 Pre-Owned Marathon TR-1075 Two-Ram Baler. 10" Bore, 75 HP, 14 Second Cycle Time MORE INFO.... SOLD
 HarrisBadgerTwoRamBaler Harris Badger Narrow Box Two Ram Baler New Harris Badger Narrow Box Multi-Purpose 2 Two Ram Baler.  10" & 11" Main Cylinder Models. Call
2R1050Canusa Harris 2R10 50 Two Ram Baler 8277c Harris Model 2R10 50 Two Ram Baler. MORE INFO...
 8752 1 International Baler TR 975 Two Ram Horizontal BalerThumb  International Baler TR-975  8752 Used International Baler Model TR975 Two Ram Horizontal Auto Tie Baler For Sale  MORE INFO...  SOLD
8722C 5 Excel Manufacturing 2R9 Two Ram BalerThumb Excel 2R9 8722C Used Excel Model 2R9 Two Ram Baler and Conveyor for Sale.  MORE INFO... SOLD
HarrisGorillaTwoRamBaler Harris Gorilla Two Ram Baler New Harris Gorilla 2 Two Ram Multi-Purpose Baler. Provides dense bales and with high throughputs at an economical price for a variety of materials.  MORE INFO... Call
9012 American Baler W409 2 ram contol panel American Baler W409 9012 American Baler Model W409 2 ram baler in great condition.  See more... SOLD

Recycling Equipment Corporation has sold New and Used 2 Ram or Two Ram Auto Tie Balers for sale from manufacturers like American Baler, C&M Balers, Excell, Selco Balers, Harris Press and Shear, IPS, Marathon Equipment, and Nexgen Baler. REC is a professional dealer and supplier for many 2 Ram Automatic Tie Balers. Inventory changing constantly. Machines for corrugated, non ferrous metal, paper trim, paper scrap, news, textiles, clothing, cardboard, plastic, MSW, etc. Call or E-Mail for latest updates or to have our experienced sales force help you pick out the correct machine.

REC can deliver and install any Baling System anywhere you need it. Contact us for quote.