Partial listing of New & Used Automatic Tie Horizontal Balers for Sale.  Machines from American Baler, Balemaster, C&M, Harris, IPS, Marathon, Maren, Nexgen, Selco, etc.  Contact us for more Information.   Paper Trim, Shredded OCC, Corrugated Boxes, or Large Recycling Center machines.  Inventory changing faster than updates.  See more Balers and related equipment.

Photo Make & Model Description Price
8624 5 American Baler 7242H9T30 Horizontal Auto Tie BalerThumb American Baler 7242H9T30 8624 American Baler Model 7242H9T30 Horizontal Auto Tie Baler.  MORE INFO... $120,000.00
8328 14 American Baler PAC 3029 720 Horizontal Auto Tie BalerThumb American Baler PAC3029-720 8328  American Baler Model PAC 3029-720 Horizontal Auto Tie Baler  MORE INFO... Call For Price
IPS AT 965 HS 100S 1 Auto Tie Baler Thumb IPS AT-965-HS-100S 8587C International Press and Shear Model AT965-HS-100S Horizontal Aluto Tie Baler. MORE INFO... $150,000.00
product_dc American Baler DC Series Baler New American Baler Company DC Series of Automatic Tie Horizontal Balers. The perfect Distribution Center Baler.   MORE INFO... Starting at $95,000.00
pac American Baler PAC Series Baler New American Baler Company PAC Series of Automatic Tie Horizontal Balers.  Designed for Printers, Corrugated Box Shops, Document Destruction Company's.  MORE INFO... Starting at $85,000.00
8323 1 American Baler 8043 12 150 Thumb American Baler 8043HS-12150 8323 Used American Baler Model 8043HS-12150 Auto Tie Horizontal Baler and 72" Wide Hustler Conveyor.  Export Density, High Production Wide Mouth Auto Tie baler and Hustler Conveyor. MORE INFO... Call for Pricing
SN9291 REFURB American Baler HS8543-RC New American Baler Model HS8543-RC Automatic Tie Horizontal Baler. Process up to 59 Tons Per Hour.  MORE INFO... Call for Pricing
6593-A American Baler 7242HAT975F 6593 Used American Baler Model 7242HAT975F Auto Tie Horizontal Baler.  Medium to High Production Series Designed for Paper, Light Metals, Miscellaneous Fibers, HDPE and PET Plastics. MORE INFO...  S O L D
6585 7 Balemaster 4025GQ8 Horizontal Auto Tie Baler Thumb Balemaster    4025GQ-8 6585 Used Balemaster Model 4025GQ-8 Auto Tie Horizontal Baler.  Two Tension Cylinders Per Side for Increased Compaction.  Left Hand Tie configuration.  MORE INFO...  $49,500.00
5856-3 American Baler     10347 5856 Used As-Is American Baler Model 10347 Automatic Tie Horizontal Baler.  Currently set up for 440 Volt, 3 Phase.  Allen Bradley Controller.  MORE INFO... SOLD
5527 Balemaster    4475-10E 5527 Used Balemaster Model 4475-10E Automatic Tie Horizontal Baler.  10" Cylinder, 60 HP, Triple Tension System.  MORE INFO...  $45,000.00
7125-6 American Baler      12647 7125 Used American Baler Model 12647 Automatic Tie Horizontal Baler.  Designed for Old Corrugated Containers (O.C.C.), Old Newspapers (O.N.P.) and High Grade Paper.  MORE INFO...  S O L D
7315-13 Maren 203-338 7315 Used Maren Model 203-338 Automatic Tie Horizontal Baler.  Versitile Baler Suitable For Many Applications, Including Box Manufacturing Plants, Document Destruction, Printers, Distribution Center,Tissue and Paper Mills.  MORE INFO...  S O L D
6518 American Baler 10567 6518 Used American Baler Model 10567 Auto Tie Horizontal Baler.  Excellent Baler for Processing O.C.C.  Bale weights up to 1,150 lbs. MORE INFO ... S O L D
7460C Selco Model    HLO-518A40 7460 - Selco Model HLO-518A Auto Tie Horizontal Baler.  Bale weights up to 1,600 lbs.  Excellent for baling Bulk OCC or Conditioned News.  MORE INFO... S O L D
img_5395 Selco HSO-10A 5843 Used Selco HSO-10A for Sale. Auto-Tie. 6" Cylinder, 20HP Motor, Set up now for 230/460 MORE INFO... S O L D
a-5509-3a American Baler 6042HAT1075 5509 Used American Baler Company Model 6042HAT1075 Horizontal Auto-Tie Baler for Sale MORE INFO... Call 
picture_06454528-1 Selco HSO-107A 4995 Used Selco Model HSO-107A Automatic Tie Horizontal Baler for sale MORE INFO... SOLD
113011SN3 Complete Baling and Shredding Systems Contact us for Complete Baling and Shreding Systems or add Dust Control System to your existing system. MORE INFO...


img_5449 Maren 203 5486 Used Maren Model 203 Auto Tie Baler with Twin 50 HP Motors MORE INFO... SOLD
img_3803-1 C + M 3430AT68 4342 Used C&M Model 3430AT68 Horizontal Auto-Tie Baler for sale. MORE INFO... SOLD
American Baler 10647 Thumb American Baler Model 10647 Used American Baler Model 10647 Horizontal Auto Tie Single Ram Baler.  MORE INFO... SOLD
IPS-AT965-HS-100-6 IPS AT965-HS-100 8588C International Press and Shear Model AT965-HS-100 Horizontal Aluto Tie Baler.  MORE INFO....  SOLD
Recycling Equipment Corp has New and Used Automatic Tie Horizontal Balers for sale from manufacturers like American Balers, Balemaster Balers, C&M Balers, Selco Balers, Harris Press and Shear, IPS, Maren Engineering, Marathon Equipment, Nexgen. REC is a professional dealer and supplier for many Automatic Tie Horizontal Balers. Inventory changing constantly. Machines for corrugated, non ferrous metal, paper trim, paper scrap, textiles, fiber, clothing, cardboard, plastic, MSW, etc. Call or E-Mail for latest updates or to have our experienced sales force help you pick out the correct machine for your application.
REC can deliver and install any Baling System anywhere you need it. Contact us for quote.