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Specifically engineered for cost effective automated baling of paper trim, boxboard, SBS, corrugated, printer's waste, flexible packaging and various other fibrous materials.  The PAC series baler delivers constant, reliable results. Several power unit combinations available from 20 horsepower to twin, independent 50 horsepower machines.  Variable feed opening sizes and hopper configurations available so contact us for assistance on application and pricing.  Full installation and support also available.

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The American Baler PAC Series high-production, heavy-duty horizontal auto-tie baler has some of the major advantages over competitive balers found in the market today.


The PAC Series baler is one of the fastest balers of its class and has a maximum volumetric displacement of over 11,700 cubic feet per hour.

American balers have extremely reliable auto-tiers. American Baler was the first manufacturer of continuous, auto-tie horizontal balers and has led the way in making continual improvements while building several thousand auto-tie balers. Maintenance is also easier with American’s auto-tier. The unit’s inserters, twister hooks, and cutters are located on one side of the baler. Access to these items is as easy as removing one pin and swinging the tier 90 degrees. American has made over 15 improvements on their autotiers just in the past two years.

• American PAC balers produce denser bales than competitive models. Denser bales translate into heavier bales, which are easier and safer to stack and handle. In some cases the American PAC baler produces bales that are 20% or more dense than bales from competitive models. Twenty-percent denser bales will also provide a 20% decrease in wire cost.

The American PAC baler is the simplest baler in its class. The simplicity of its design provides greater reliability and less maintenance.

The American PAC baler will provide 115,450 lbs of ram force. This higher ram force will result in greater bale densities, decreased wire and handling costs and higher container weights.

Resistance to ram force is the most important factor in producing dense bales. American PAC balers use a single tension cylinder, which provides 347% resistance to ram force. Not only does this simple design provide greater resistance to ram force than the multiple tension cylinders system of other manufacturers, but also cylinder maintenance and leaks are cut by 75% to 83%.

American PAC balers utilize Sharp-5X (AR500) floor liners, which have a brinnel hardness of 500. This liner is guaranteed to last 5 years in even the dirtiest applications. The steel bolt-in liner on the bottom of the ram has a brinnel hardness of 320, is ¾” thick, and can be replaced without removing the ram.

American PAC balers produce 42” high bales. The major advantage to producing a 42” high bale is the ability to maximize the loading of the container. Since the typical over the road container is 88” high, by stacking the bales two high, there is only 4” of “dead” trailer space at the top of each container.

Standard Features:

Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controller, Pathfinder Color Touchscreen Interface, 30 HP Power Pack, Flooded Suction Pumping Unit, Infrared Cycle Control, Replaceable SHARP-5X Floor Liner, NEMA-12 Electrical Enclosure, Feed Chute with Gasketed Door and Window, 4-Way Free Floating Tension Control, Epack TEFC Motor 460/3/60 – XL Starting Bale Retention Plate and 8 Spring Loaded Locks, Dust Control Circuit, Adjustable Dust Seals on Platen Sides and Top, AMBACO Industrial Blue Water Reducible Paint, Regenerative Hydraulic Circuits, Manifold Hydraulics, High-Level Infrared


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