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New REC Vertical Downstroke Balers

Safe - Simple - Reliable

Straight-up Standouts in Vertical Baling! A full line to meet the needs for recycling Corrugated or Cardboard, Plastic, Packaging material, Aluminum, Metal Foils, Drums, Tires, and much more.

Standard Features:

  • Frame Constructed from Structural Steel
  • CSA and UL listed industrial components
  • Nema 4 rated Electrical Control Box with Relay Logic
  • External motor-starter resets for user Safety
  • ANSI/OSHA approved slow release side wheel door lock mechanism
  • Side Mounted power unit for maintenance ease (top mounted optional)
  • Solid Rod, Heavy Duty Hyraulic Cylinders, Safety pressure rated 3 to 1
  • Safety Cable Catch from Cylinder to Platten
  • Self opening safety gate with solid front panel
  • Counter Balanced Safety Gate operating with Roller chains, sprockets and oil tight bearings
  • Easy Operator Load Height
  • Front and Rear fixed retainer dogs 
  • Protected limit switches and proximity safety switches
  • Load Chain bale ejector system
V63HD SideMount REC brushedsteel Green Thumb

Recycling Equipment Corporation has a complete line of new Vertical Balers in a variety of bale sizes to suit your companies recycling needs.    


    1. Simplicity - Standard balers are intentionally designed for simplicity with very basic and very reliable standard industrial relay controls and switches.  This means no expensive machine computers, PLC's, or touch screens to break or become obsolete.  Standard machines have no need for specialized technicians with laptops or custom factory programming and parts.  Perfectly suited for most aplications of retail stores and industrial manufacturers who want low cost reliability, low maintenance, and expect balers to last more than 5 years without updates. 

     2. Data Automation - Fully automated facilities? No problem. Contact REC's sales department for the optional Intelligence Package.  The Patented weighing, recording, electronic integration, notification, & compterized system.  Contact REC for other special custom data controlled or automated facilities.


Specifically designed for REC, our balers are manufactured utilizing heavy-duty structural steel on the frame, platen, floor, bridge beam, and cylinder mount, eliminating any structural failures.


REC balers are built to the highest quality to deliver long life, superior reliability, heaviest possible bales, optimal levels of safety, extended life, lowest total cost of ownership and the lowest maintenace costs.

REC balers can create bales of cardboard, paper, plastic / film, nonferrous metals, rags, cans and many other recyclable materials.  Optional Intellibale System gives greater control over bale weights, bale locations, pick-up and transportation charges, re-baling costs, preventive maintenance, baling wire re-ordering, inventory control, staffing, cash-flow projections, and much more. CONTACT REC for more details.

REC Vertical Baler Overview
        Model       Horsepower    Cylinder     Bale Size     Approx. Bale Weight
V3016HD 10 6" Bore 48" Stroke 30 x 16 x 24 Up to 250 lbs
V32 3 3" Bore 30" Stroke 36 x 24 x 30 Up to 250 lbs
REC 610DC Drum Crusher **In Stock** 10 6" Bore 48" Stroke    
15 6" Bore 48" Stroke 48 x 30 x 48 Up to 800 lbs
V43XHD 20 7" Bore 60" Stroke 48 x 30 x 48 Up to 1000 lbs
V63HDLP 10 6" Bore 30" Stroke 60 x 30 x 33 Up to 700 lbs
V63OCC  **In stock** 10 6" Bore 42" Stroke 60 x 30 x 48 Up to 1000 lbs
V63HD  **In Stock** 10 6" Bore 48" Stroke 60 x 30 x 48 Up to 1100 lbs
V63XHD 10 7" Bore 60" Stroke 60 x 30 x 48 Up to 1300 lbs
V63-865 3-10 6" Bore 65" Stroke 60 x 30 x 48 Up to 1500 lbs
VMAX45 10 8" Bore 48" Stroke 60 x 30 x 45 Up to 1500 lbs
V64HD 15 6" Bore 48" Stroke 60 x 30 x 48 Up to 1400 lbs
V73OCC 10 6" Bore 42" Stroke 72 x 30 x 48 Up to 1200 lbs
V73HD 10 6" Bore 48" Stroke 72 x 30 x 48 Up to 1300 lbs
V73XHD 10 7" Bore 60" Stroke 72 x 30 x 48 Up to 1600 lbs
V74HD **In Stock** 10 6" Bore 48" Stroke 72 x 40 x 48 Up to 1500 lbs
V74XHD 10 7" Bore 60" Stroke 72 x 40 x 48 Up to 1700 lbs
VMAX26 10 8" Bore 48" Stroke 72 x 42 x 45 Up to 2000 lbs


Optional on REC Vertical Balers - request pricing
Front Load Rear Eject Model Front Slotted Door
Rear Clamshell Door With Photo Eye Automatic Bale-Ejection System
Automatic Bale Wire Feed Guides Rotary Fused Disconnect
Single-Phase Power Units Retractable Dogs
Phase Converter Automatic Wire-Guide System
Oil Heater Outdoor Weather Package with Enclosure
Never-Stop Conveyer Feed System Intellibale System
380V and 575 International Motors Wall Brackets for Bale-Tie Storage
Color  Standard - Green, Custom available on request


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